4 Ways to Nurture Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Quick and easy tips to optimize your online presence

4 Ways to Nurture Your Digital Marketing Strategies

If you’re not getting the results you want from your online marketing efforts – social media, digital ads and email marketing- perhaps it’s time to reconsider the following to make sure you’re on the right path.

  1. Targeting the right audience -Start by creating a profile – or profiles – of  your current or potential customers. You can use this information to target specific user profiles with social ads. For instance Facebook allows you to serve your ad to users based on interests, age, sex, location, relationship status and more. Google also allows you to target your ads by placing them on websites that your target audience is likely reading. Having a specific target will serve your ad to those who are most interested. This improves conversion rates and lowers ad spend.
  2. Select quality digital channels – Before you commit to engaging potential customers on social media and online outlets, focus on quality over quantity. Ask yourself “is my target audience using this platform?” Compare the customer profile you prepared to the user demographics of all the major social media networks and other advertising outlets and see if they’re a good fit.
  3. Create stories, not messages – Digital content creation has evolved. Today, the most effective content marketing focuses on brand story-telling, where the message is less about the sale, and more about making an emotional connection with the customer. Are your digital messages inspiring and captivating?
  4. Strong call-to-action – Provide a strong call-to-action in all your messaging. This means giving your customer an actionable task and tells them what to do next in the buying process. This could include “let’s chat” or “shop now.” Consider what the goal of the call-to-action should be. Is it a purchase, a newsletter opt-in or perhaps an RFP form? The call-to-action should be relevant within this context, short and actionable and strategically placed within your content.
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